Master team by IPARC

For over 25 years now our contemporary ‘masters’ in conservation have been taking care of Flemish Masters (mainly oil paintings on different media including oil on wood, oil on copper and oil on canvas or Flemish linen) for museums and public collections in the Low Countries- the Netherlands and Belgium – Germany, the UK, the US and France, as well as for private collectors worldwide. We have also both been consulted and handled specific collection management pertaining to this wonderful and rich era when the Flemish Masters were prominent in setting the norm for Europe’s art scene during the 15th through to the 17th century.

Working on and with these art works every day, we know and breathe the Flemish painting tradition and have an extensive knowledgebase of techniques, pigments, imaging and data at our disposal. Our team of experts have all obtained a master’s degree at universities in Antwerp, Brussels and abroad. With a commitment to continuous learning, they work with contemporary techniques and products for sustainable conservation treatments. We advocate innovation and continuously look to add on to our expertise using the latest available technology and professional know-how.

We will not deviate from nor compromise on principles such as reversibility, minimal intervention and visibility of the intervention. Protecting the artistic integrity of the artwork and safeguarding original material and respecting the authentic techniques used is at the very core of the mission we underwrite. Bringing Old Masters back to their former glory is a privilege and it is exactly the very brush with such a rich and significant history that drives us.

The Lamentation of Christ | Quinten Metsys

Special projects

Our team has a track record in dealing with large and monumental canvas and panel paintings.

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Multispectral imaging

Technical art analysis

Our in-house lab prepares for conservation treatments but can also be called upon for questions of provenance, dating and authentication.

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Project flow

Project flow

We are based and rooted in the Flemish Masters’ native soil, right in the heart of Europe. We are close to Brussels airport, allowing for swift connections with regard to international transit.

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