Flemish Master Conservation

Bringing Old Masters back to their former glory represents a privileged brush with a rich and significant past which is exactly what drives us every day.

Every high-quality collection of Old Master paintings – private as well as public – will inevitably include Flemish Masters since they touch upon the quintessence of 15th to 17 th century painting. From the 15th to 17th century onwards, paintings were produced in unprecedented numbers on an – until then – unknown scale of production in the Low Countries.

The rise of large-scale artist workshops entailed an art distribution network initially linked to the Royal courts scattered around Europe which means that the creation and distribution of art was inherently international in onset. Flemish cities such as Bruges, Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp quickly became flourishing centres of art and culture and as such the 15th; 16th and 17thcentury Old Masters became qualifying for the art history of the Southern Netherlands as we learn about it today.

Artists such as Van Eyck, Brueghel, Rubens, Van Dyck and Jordaens appeal to many different stakeholders. Today the popularity of Flemish Master paintings – including contemporary Flemish Masters – is no less as can be explored in many fine arts museums and private collections around the world.



Baltus Aldo, Benson Ambrosius, Berchem Nicolaes, Beuckelaer Joachim, Blendeff Lambert, Boeckhorst Jan, Bosch Hiëronymus, Borremans Michael, Bosschaert de Oude Ambrosius, Bouts Albrecht, Bouts Dieric, Breughel de Oude Jan, Brouwer Adriaen, Brueghel Pieter, Campin Robert, Claus Emile, Cobergher Wenceslas, Coecke Van Aelst Pieter, Cossiers Jan, Coques Gonzales, Coxcie Michiel, De Backer Jacob, De Clerck Hendrick, De Crayer Caspar, De Heem Jan Davidz, Delvaux Paul, Delvoye Wim, De Keyser Nicaise, De Keyser Raoul, De Momper Joos, De Noter David, De Saedeleer Valerius, De Smet Gustaaf, De Smet Léon, De Troyer Prosper, De Vos Cornelius, De Vos Maarten, De Witte Gaspar, Faydherbe Lucas,  Franchoys de Jongere Lucas, Isenbrant Adriaen, Ensor James, Janssens Abraham, Fabre Jan, Fijt Jan, De Vriendt Floris, Francken Ambrosius Frans, Francken the Elder Frans, Francken the Younger Frans, Garibaldi Marco Antonio, Geets Willem, Gerard David, Gossaert Jan, Janssens Abraham, Jordaens Jacob, Key Thomasz Adriaen, La Fontaine Marie-Jo, Le Saive Jean, Leys Henri, Lombard Lambert, Maes Godfried, Magritte René, Master of 1518, Master of Flémalle, Master of Frankfurt, Master of the St Nicholas triptyque, Metsys Quinten, Neeffs Pieter, Panamarenko, Peeters Clara, Permeke Constant, Portaels Jean, Pourbus Frans, Pourbus Pieter, Quellinus Erasmus, Raveel Roger, Rombouts Jan, Rombouts Theodoor, Rubens Peter Paul, Savery Roelant, Schoevaerdts Mathys, Schut Cornelius, Seghers David, Seghers Gerard, Snijders Frans, Spilliaert Léon, Sweerts Michael, Swennen Walter, Teniers David, Teniers II David, Tuymans Luc, Tytgat Edgard, Van Avont Pieter, Van Balen Hendrik, Van Bredael Alexander, Van Cleve Cornelius, Van Cleve Joost, Van Craesbeeck Joos, Van Den Broeck Crispin, Van der Goes Hugo, Van den Hoecke Jan, Van der Stockt Vrancke, Van der Weyden Goswin,Van der Weyden Rogier , Van Diepenbeeck Abraham, Van Dyck Anthony, Van Elburcht Hans, Van Haecht Willem, Van Hemessen Jan, Van Kessel Jan, Van Loon Theodoor, Van Noort Adam, Van Orley Bernard, Van Son Joris, Van Thulden Theodoor, Van Veen Otto, Verbeeck Frans, Verbeeck Jan, Verhaghen Pieter Jozef, Vinckeboons David, Vrancx Sebastiaen, Van De Woestijne Gustave, Vercruysse Jan, Wappers Gustaaf, Wautier Michaelina, Wiertz Antoine, Wolffort Artus, Ykens Catharina, Ykens Frans

Large canvas

Large and monumental canvas paintings require a specific approach due to the sheer size and specific problems caused by stress, gravity, and the ravages of time on both canvas, pictural layer, stretcher and frame.

They also require decisiveness supported by 25 years of know-how in analysing, handling, and treating. Our team has the specific expertise and a quality track record in dealing with large and monumental canvas paintings:

  • Abraham Janssens, Cornelis Schut, Gerard Seghers, Gustave Wappers and 37 more from the painting collection of Saint Charles Borromeo church Antwerp
  • Anthony Van Dyck, church of Our Lady Dendermonde, ‘The adoration of the shepherds’
  • Willem Geets, Museum Hof van Busleyden, Mechelen, ‘ The St Rombouts Choir with Charles V at the court of Margaret of Austria
  • Jacob Jordaens, canvas ceiling paintings (ensemble of 11, ‘Psychè series’)
    Godfried Maes, Aarschot, ‘The Last Supper’
  • Maurus Moreels, Saint Catherinachurch, Mechelen, ‘The adoration of the Magi’
  • J-F Portaels, church of Our Lady Vilvoorde, ‘Calvary’ triptique
  • PJ Verhaegen, various monumental works , Museum M Leuven
  • Frans Pourbus, Arenberg Castle Leuven, ‘Family portrait of Karel of Arenberg and Anna van Croÿ’
  • Gerard Seghers, Castle of Gaasbeek, ‘The vision of Saint-Gertrude’
  • Peter Verdussen, Ekeren, ‘The battle at Ekeren
  • Monumental canvas paintings copy of Stanza di Raphael, Court Bladelin, Bruges
  • The bourse of Antwerp (420 m² of marouflages) depicting sailing trade routes around the world
  • Holy Spirit College, Leuven, ‘Scenes from the New Testament and the life of Christ’
  • Painting collection, City hall Antwerp

Panel paintings

Panel paintings require specific skills with regards to the structural conservation of the panel and the specific methodologies to allow for authentication, conservation and/or restoration of oil paint on wood (such as oak panels).

We have developed in-house equipment and use technology to be able to reposition the different fragments of a panel painting as well as special framing techniques that allow for movement in the wood.

  • Barend van Orley, private collection, Part of ‘Calvary’
  • Crispin Van Den Broeck and Wenceslas Cobergher, St Gummarus church Lier, ‘The martyrdom of Saint Sebastian’ triptyque
  • Dieric Bouts , Saint Peter’s church Leuven, triptyque ‘The martyrdom of Saint Erasm’
  • Frans Francken II , St Gummarus church Lier, ‘The miracle of the tree’
  • Frans Francken I, Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp, triptyque of ‘The schoolmasters and the soapsuds’
  • Frans Verbeeck, private collection, ‘The mocking of human follies’
  • Hans Van Elburcht, Cathedral of Our Lady Antwerp, ‘Miracle fishing scene’
  • Jan Gossaert, private collection, ‘Madonna and Child’
  • Jan Rombouts, Museum M Leuven, ‘Episodes in the martyrdom of Saint Clemens’
  • Master of the Saint-Nicholastriptyque Leuven, ‘The beheading of Saint John and the fall of the rebellious angels’
  • Michiel Coxcie, Kremsmunster, ‘The Holy Kinship’
  • Michiel Coxcie, St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral Brussels, ‘Crucifixion’ altarpiece
  • Michel Coxcie, Museum M Leuven, Hosden triptyque ‘Calvary’
  • Michiel Coxcie, Museum de la Chartreuse Douai, ‘Plato’s cave’
Multispectral imaging

Technical art analysis

Our in-house lab prepares for conservation treatments but can also be called upon for questions of provenance, dating and authentication.

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Project flow

Project flow

We are based and rooted in the Flemish Masters’ native soil, right in the heart of Europe. We are close to Brussels airport, allowing for swift connections with regard to international transit.

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Master team

Master team by IPARC

Our contemporary ‘masters’ in conservation have been taking care of Flemish Masters for museums and public collections, as well as for private collectors worldwide.
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